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LEW HORWITZ, founder and principal of The Lewis Horwitz Organization, (LHO)

… has been a creative financial pioneer and banker for over 48 years. For the past 35 years Horwitz has lead the way in financing music and independent film and television production funding through the company that bears his name, The Lewis Horwitz Organization.

Under Mr. Horwitz leadership LHO, became a highly respected and deeply appreciated industry institution and Horwitz himself is generally regarded as the father of Independent film financing having pioneered the use of foreign pre-sale contracts to collateralize film production loans as well as the use of Gap financing and tax incentive funding.

Horwitz is known as the "Magic Banker" through his use of magic in speaking engagements and in performing for his clients.

On July 6, 2004, Horwitz retired from the banking industry, formed Horwitz Entertainment Financial Services, Inc. and began consulting for the film industry. He is presently advising a number of independent production companies, banks and other entertainment related entities and provides expert witness testimony for law firms.
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